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System Structure

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Denise Sulzbach, Directory of Policy & Strategic Development, or 410-706-3364

Deborah Harburger, Director of Fiscal Strategy, or 410-706-1868

Children and youth with complex needs and their families receive services and supports from multiple agencies and funding mechanisms. At the systems level, effective systems of care system often organize the management, delivery and financing of services and supports across multiple providers and systems within single cross-agency structures. Examples of such structures include Care Management Entities and Health Homes. Other systems level structures at a policy/oversight level include administrative service organizations and interagency governance bodies.

Similarly, at the practice level, children with complex needs and their families benefit from service delivery models that are responsive to the unique strengths and needs of each individual youth and family across life domains. Examples of service delivery models include High Fidelity Wraparound, Family Team Decision Making, and the Open Table Model. These service delivery models can be embedded within the systems structures outlined above or in more traditional service delivery settings.

The Institute provides training, technical assistance, policy guidance and financing expertise on system structures and service delivery models.