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Juvenile Justice

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Sara Betsinger
Research Manager

With the recent drop in juvenile crime across the Nation and a proliferation in research on evidence-based practices, juvenile justice systems are undergoing substantial changes. The Institute's staff and faculty partners work collaboratively with juvenile justice agencies and stakeholders to facilitate system reforms that improve the quality of services and eventual outcomes for youth and their families involved in these systems. More specifically, The Institute:

  • Assists juvenile justice agencies in developing, improving, and ensuring equitable policies and practices for youth and families;
  • Conducts research and evaluations to increase the knowledge base on the juvenile justice system and services;
  • Provides training and enhances workforce development for juvenile justice staff and stakeholders; and
  • Promotes the voice of youth and families in the juvenile justice system.

This work is conducted with a focus on evidence-based practice, an emphasis on interagency collaboration and coordination, and through a lens of systems of care values

The Institute has a strong partnership with the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services and collaborates with the Department on a number of initiatives, including: