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The International CANS Collaborative

The International CANS collaborative is a network of child serving professionals involved in the implementation of the Total Clinical Outcomes Management (TCOM) framework. This network attempts to create a platform of shared knowledge around implementation by highlighting innovative practice and content expertise. The collaborative creates a space for the introduction and discussion of implementation strategies and the sharing of existing resources. The collaborative is aligned with the principles of a "mass collaboration" and is therefore open to any and all interested parties seeking information about implementation of the TCOM framework or offering knowledge and resources related to the TCOM framework.

As the collaborative expands we are interested in continuing to be able to identify:

  • Expertise across a variety of content areas applying a communimetric approach to measurement.
  • Areas needing additional support related to successful implementation of TCOM
  • Available resources that can assist with the successful implementation of TCOM.


The collaborative hosts an annual meeting on the opening day of the CANS conference. This meeting is open to all attendees of the conference. In addition, the collaborative hosts bi-monthly webinars with presentations from members of the collaborative. Resources available to collaborative members are hosted on the Successful Mental Health Systems wiki page (


For updates on upcoming webinars follow us on Twitter (@MarylandCANS).