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Evidence Based & Promising Practices

The Institute assists State and local partners in the implementation of Evidence Based and Promising Practices through the provision of technical assistance geared towards selection , scale-up, training/coaching, evaluation and policy development related to these practices.

In Maryland, The Institute is under contract with the Governor's Office for Children (GOC) on behalf of the Maryland Children's Cabinet to support the implementation of and outcomes monitoring for a variety of evidence-based and promising practices (EBP) utilized with a broad range of youth involved with different agencies across the state. The Institute's role in EBP implementation is consistent with the recommendations of the Maryland Child and Family Services Interagency Strategic Plan, which states:

"The Children's Cabinet should continue to make a commitment to utilizing evidence-based and promising practices to endure that effective community education, opportunities, support and treatment options are available to the children, youth and families for whom they are appropriate."

General Implementation Resources

The following evidence-based and promising practices are supported through the work of The Institute: