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The National Wraparound Implementation Center

Contact Info:

Kimberly Estep
Systems of Care and Wraparound Implementation Manager/National Coach

Joe Anne Hust
Peer Support and Systems of Care Manager

The Institute for Innovation and Implementation at the University of Maryland School of Social Work along with The University of Washington School of Medicine and Portland State University School of Social Work have partnered in developing The National Wraparound Implementation Center (NWIC). These three universities are collaborating to ensure sites have access to comprehensive support for implementing model-adherent, high quality Wraparound for children and youth with behavioral health needs and their families.

NWIC supports states, communities, and organizations to implement Wraparound effectively by using innovative approaches grounded in implementation science and incorporating cutting-edge strategies to support Wraparound implementation. NWIC provides support that is intensive yet affordable. The work is focused on building sustainable local capacity to provide model-adherent, high fidelity Wraparound, thereby increasing positive outcomes for children, youth, and their families.

Implementation research tells us that, by focusing on the specific drivers/areas of implementation, we can support consistent program implementation leading to improved outcomes. The three main areas of implementation on which the NWIC concentrates are:

  • organization and system development, which focuses on policy, financing, and systems structure;
  • workforce development, which focuses on processes for training, coaching, and supervision; and
  • accountability, which focuses on the measurement of key quality assurance indicators and outcomes.

States, communities, and organizations benefit most from an integrated approach to implementation. In keeping with this, NWIC works with sites at any stage of implementation-from initial planning to established initiatives-using a tailored and intensive approach to implementation support. This process begins with a rigorous assessment of current implementation. Based on assessment results, NWIC will work with the site to design a comprehensive implementation support plan to address identified needs. The comprehensive plan will integrate efforts across the three main areas of implementation.

Implementation support from NWIC is provided using a strategic combination of in-person and technology-enabled strategies. NWIC's expanding array of technology-enabled communication options includes telephone and video conferencing, the Wraparound Virtual Coaching Collaborative (WVCC), a virtual training center, and the Virtual Coaching Platform (VCP). Implementation support is also provided through the use of a variety of online tools including automated tracking and feedback systems, web-based clinical support, and a Wraparound-specific electronic behavioral health record.