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Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC)

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Jennifer Mettrick
Director of Implementation Services

Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC) is a cost-effective alternative to regular foster care, group or residential treatment, and incarceration for youth who have problems with chronic, disruptive behavior who are in out-of-home placements. The evidence of positive outcomes from this unique multi-modal treatment approach is compelling. The MTFC treatment model can be implemented by any agency or organization providing services to children with serious behavior problems and their families.

MTFC treatment goals are accomplished by providing:

  • close supervision,
  • fair and consistent limits,
  • predictable consequences for rule breaking,
  • a supportive relationship with at least one mentoring adult, and
  • reduced exposure to peers with similar problems.

MTFC is multifaceted and occurs in multiple settings. The intervention components include:

  • behavioral parent training and support for MTFC foster parents;
  • family therapy for biological parents (or other aftercare resources);
  • skills training for youth;
  • supportive therapy for youth;
  • school-based behavioral interventions and academic support; and
  • psychiatric consultation and medication management, when needed.

Numerous studies have provided evidence of the feasibility and effectiveness of MTFC. Results showed that MTFC was not only feasible, but that compared to alternative residential treatment models, the cost of MTFC was substantially lower resulting in savings for both systems and taxpayers (see

The Institute helps to facilitate implementation of MTFC and provide utilization, fidelity and outcome data to stakeholders.

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Maryland's MTFC Providers:

Community Solutions Inc.(Baltimore County) - Bert Otts, Program Director,

NHS (Montgomery County) - Cynthia Fincham,