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Ryan Shannahan
NameRyan Shannahan
Title:CHIPRA Grant Policy Analyst
Phone: 410-706-6694
Bio: Mr. Shannahan is the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA) Grant Policy Analyst at the Institute.  In his role, Mr. Shannahan contributes to child-serving system change and quality improvement efforts. Specifically, he assists in the re-design of Maryland’s crisis response and stabilization system. Mr. Shannahan has a special interest in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software and its utility in enhancing Systems of Care and improving access to services. Previously, Mr. Shannahan managed the Medicaid 1915(c) Community Alternatives to Psychiatric Residential Facilities Demonstration Waiver at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine. Mr. Shannahan earned his Master’s in Social Work from the University of Maryland School of Social Work and his Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.