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Maria Jose Horen
NameMaria Jose Horen
Title:Research Supervisor
Bio: Ms. Horen is a Research Supervisor overseeing the evaluation of three system of care grants and Wraparound implementation in Maryland at The Institute. In her role, Ms. Horen leads the national and local evaluation efforts of Maryland CARES (SOC in Baltimore city), Rural CARES, and the LIFT expansion grant. These evaluations provide information about SOC achievements, child and family outcomes, and mental health service use and needs. She also oversees the wraparound evaluation which focuses in monitoring utilization, fidelity and outcomes for youth and families receiving wraparound services in the state of Maryland. She has over 9 years of experience in research planning and implementation, project evaluation, supervision, data base management and analysis; during that time in collaboration with social service agencies working with diverse and at-risk populations. Her research focuses on children with or at imminent risk for behavioral and mental health challenges. Previously, Ms. Horen was the Evaluation Director for the Sarasota Partnership for Children’s Mental Health, where she led the development of the service delivery model for Sarasota’s Early Childhood System of Care. Ms. Horen holds a master’s degree in Economics and a master’s of Public Health in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.