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Technical Assistance & Implementation


Marlene Matarese, MSW
Director of Training and
Technical Assistance/Faculty

What we do: We provide support around workforce development for leadership, practitioners, parents, youth, and stakeholder's working within the child-, youth-, and family serving systems. We use an implementation science framework to provide training and technical assistance. Support is offered through training, coaching, and additional implementation support using in-person and distance learning technologies such as the online training center.

Why we do it: Our goal is to assist child-, youth-, and family-serving systems with achieving and sustaining practice improvement. This happens through the development and provision of high quality products, trainings, and technical assistance processes as well as a focus on research-based interventions, and implementation processes and strategies at the system, program, and practice levels to improve outcomes for children, youth, and young adults with complex, multi system needs and their families.

How we do it: The Technical Assistance & Implementation Center has expertise in and provides workforce development support in the following areas:

System of Care

Evidence-Based & Promising Practices including:

Assessment Tool Implementation