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Maryland Juvenile Case Processing and Detention

Contact Info:

Jill Farrell
Research Assistant Professor

Sara Betsinger
Research Manager

The Institute assists the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) to evaluate and improve juvenile case processing and detention utilization, using a collaborative, data-driven approach. .

Detention Utilization Studies
The Institute is conducting a series of detention utilization studies (DUS) for DJS. These studies are intended to uncover the factors driving the use of secure detention, jurisdictional differences in its use, and the availability of suitable alternatives. Particular attention is focused on determining the extent to which detention decisions are guided by the Detention Risk Assessment Instrument's (DRAI's) recommendations. Combined with activities focused on improving and broadening the use of the DRAI, DUS results will be used to inform current Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) efforts underway in Baltimore City, and will provide a research base for future JDAI efforts around the state.

Reports & Publications